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CFRFS: Computational Facility for Reacting Flow Science

by Cindy Sonewald last modified Jun 01, 2008 05:08 PM

CFRFS seeks to develop a component-based toolkit to enable reacting flow simulations. TASCS contributes in terms of software design and load-balancing

Collaboration Status: Active.

TASCS Contact: Jaideep Ray, SNL, 

Collaboration Summary: The CFRFS project seeks to develop a component-based toolkit to enable high-fidelity simulations of lab-sized (O(10cm)) flames with detailed chemistry. These simulations solve the Navier-Stokes equation (augmented by an evolution equation for each chemical species) on a block-structured adaptively refined mesh. Various components implement specific numerical functionalities (e.g. a stiff integrator, a Poisson equation solver), physics/chemical models (e.g. a component to evaluate diffusive fluxes on a rectangular subdomain) or may deal with data storage and parallel manipulation (e.g. an adaptive mesh package). TASCS contributes with software (component) design, implementation and their usage within the CCAFFEINE framework. It also assists in gaging the scalability of the resulting toolkit as it evolves and new algorithms are implemented.

Collaboration Notes: The collaboration has resulted in the CFRFS Toolkit, which is continually evolving as models and numerical methods are added in the form of components. It currently has around 100 separate components. It has resulted in an average of 6 journal publications a year, which can be viewed at the CFRFS Publications page. While most of the publications are focused on reactive flows and numerical methods used to simulate them, a significant number deal with (component) software design, the issues associated with performance measurement of such software and load-balancing of block-structured adaptive meshes. The last two aspects have a dominant TASCS contribution. It has also resulted in an MS and 2 PhDs, with a third one expected in late 2008. Numerical libraries, developed as a part of the collaboration, can be downloaded from the CFRFS Software page.

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Software Involved: CCAFFEINE, Chombo (APDEC), HYPRE (TOPS), Sundials (TOPS)

Collaboration URL: n/a

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Partner Project Sponsorship: SciDAC Application/SAP

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