CISM: NSF Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling

Introduce CCA technology into space weather simulation components, with parallel coupling components

Collaboration Status: Active

TASCS Contact: Alan Sussman, UMD,

Collaboration Summary: CISM is building a set of coupled physical models for space weather, to fully model the Sun to Earth environment.  The models are written in different programming languages, with some parallel (MPI or shared memory),and some sequential.  Currently the physical coupling between the models uses InterComm, and the goal of the TASCS collaboration will be to introduce the space weather modeling community, and the CISM participants more immediately, to the benefits and capabilities of a complete CCA environment.

Collaboration Notes: We have begun to build CCA components from the basic InterComm parallel coupling technology, and will then work with the CISM space physicists to encapsulate their models as one or more CCA components.

Collaboration Image URLs: see the CISM news highlights web page for regular updates of scientific results from coupled models, http://www.bu.edu/cism/News/highlights.html

Software Involved: InterComm, leading to CCA parallel coupling components in the toolkit

Collaboration URL: n/a

Partner Project URL: http://www.bu.edu/cism/

Partner Project Sponsorship: Other

Sponsorship Details: NSF