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by David E. Bernholdt last modified Oct 29, 2009 02:41 PM

The Center is a virtual organization comprised of researchers from five national laboratories (ANL, LLNL, ORNL, PNNL, SNL), five universities (Binghamton, Indiana, Maryland, Oregon, Virginia State), and one small business (Tech-X) collaborating through face-to-face and electronic interactions. It is led by David E. Bernholdt of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

This page refers only to the TASCS project.  We are proud to be part of a much larger and longer-lived community devoted to the development and use of the Common Component Architecture, and we are indebted to many people not listed here for their contributions to the CCA.

Participating Institutions


Lead Principal Investigator: David E. Bernholdt, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Institution  Abbrev.
Institutional PI
Research Areas*
 Argonne National Laboratory ANL Lois Curfman McInnes
Initiatives, CQoS, Core Tools, Toolkit, Outreach
 Binghamton University BU Madhusudhan Govindaraju
 Indiana University IU Randall Bramley
 Toolkit, Outreach
 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory LLNL Tom Epperly
 SQV, Environment, Core Tools, Enhancements, Usability, Toolkit, Outreach
 Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL James A. Kohl
 HPC, SQV, Core Tools, Enhancements, Usability, Toolkit, Outreach
 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory PNNL Daniel Chavarria
 HPC, Toolkit, Outreach
 Sandia National Laboratories SNL Rob Armstrong
 CQoS, Core Tools, Enhancements, Usability, Toolkit, Outreach
 Tech-X Corporation Tech-X Svetlana Shasharina
 Toolkit, Outreach
 University of Maryland UMD Alan Sussman
 University of Oregon+ UO Matt Sottile
Virginia State University+ VSU Kostadin Damevski Enhancements, Toolkit 

* Coordinating institutions for each research area are noted in italics.

+ Due to personnel changes, the composition of the TASCS team has changed over time:

  • UO has succeeded Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)
  • VSU has succeeded University of Utah (UU)

Active Project Members

Argonne National Laboratory
Van Bui, Jay Larson, Li Li, Lois Curfman McInnes, Boyana Norris
Binghamton University
Kenneth Chiu, Madhusudhan Govindaraju, Michael R. Head (student), Dai-Hee Kim (student)
Indiana University
Randall Bramley
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Tammy Dahlgren (PhD 2008), Tom Epperly
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
David E. Bernholdt, Wael. R. Elwasif, James A. Kohl
Pacfic Northwest National Laboratory
Daniel Chavarria, Ian Gorton, Manoj Krishnan, Jian Yin
Sandia National Laboratories
Ben Allan, Rob Armstrong, Joe Kenny, Nicole Lemaster, Jaideep Ray
Tech-X Corporation
Stefan Muszala, Svetlana Shasharina, Nanbor Wang
University of Maryland
Hassan Afzal (student), Norman Lo, Alan Sussman
University of Oregon
Geoff Hulette (student), Matt Sottile
Virginia State University
Kostadin Damevski


Binghamton University
Xiang Gao (MS 2008), Ying Zhang
Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Andrea Berger (ANL intern, summer 2006)
Central State University
Monica Porche (LLNL intern, summer 2008)
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Daniel Taylor (ANL intern, summer 2006)
Illinois Institute of Technology
Bing Xie (ANL intern, summer 2008)
Indiana University
 Fang "Cherry" Liu (PhD 2008)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Gary Kumfert, Jim Leek
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Craig Rasmussen, Chris Rickett
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jarek Nieplocha
Sandia National Laboratory
Damian Rouson
 University of Maryland
Shang-chieh Wu (PhD 2008)
University of Tennessee
Henok Mikre (ORNL intern, summer 2008)
University of Utah
Kostadin Damevski (PhD 2006), Ayla Khan, Steven Parker, Ashwin Swaminathan (MS 2007) 
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